Model MS10 – MS 50 Medium Duty Service Doors


MS 10 Manual Operation
MS 20 Chain Operation
MS 40 Motor Operation Bracket Mount
MS 50 Motor Operation Side Mount

Curtain shall be made of interlocking roll-formed slats, fabricated of cold rolled 24-gauge galvanized steel. End locks or wind locks shall be fastened to each end of each slat with a minimum of two rivets. The bottom of curtain shall be equipped with foot piece assembly for sill or floor contact. Astragal shall be attached to bottom of curtain angles to seal door to floor.

Barrel shall be of steel pipe, and shall be adequate to carry door weight with deflection not to exceed 0.03 inches per foot of door width. Door shall be counterbalanced with oil tempered, helica torsion springs with a minimum of 20,000 cycles.Spring tension shall be adjustable by exterior adjusting wheel, accessible from the outside without removing the hood.

Door guides shall be fabricated of structural steel angles not less than 1/8″ thick. Angles shall be bolted together to form a channel guide for curtain. Guides shall be fastened to the wall by lag screws or machine bolts not less tan 3/8″ diameter, spaced not more than 30″ apart or welded in place.

Brackets shall be constructed of malleable steel plate of sufficient thickness to support weight of curtain and barrel assembly and designed to form an end closure support of the hood. Drive bracket shall be equipped with permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearing.

All gears shall be of high-grade cast iron, made from machine-cut patterns. For chain-operated doors. gears shall be designed so that maximum pull required will not exceed 35 pounds.

The bottom of the curtain has a rubber compressible weatherstrip to contact the floor. For motor-operated doors, this weatherstrip may be replaced with an electric reversing sensing edge.

Both chain-operated and manual push-up doors are equipped with a slide bolt on bottom bar. Motor-operated doors omit slide bolts and rely on the motor operator brake system.

Curtain and hood shall be hot-dipped galvanized and phosphate-treated for paint adherence. Curtain shall have a two-coat baked-on prime finish. All other parts shall have one coat of rust-inhibitive shop primer.

Hood shall be constructed of galvanized sheet steel not less than 24 gauge, formed to fit contour of curtain roll. Hoods shall be reinforced at top and bottom edges by structural steel angle.

Vision cut-outs using clear lexan panels are available. The standard size is 3/4″ tall x 6″ long spaced 5″ apart. Lexan is optional or can be left open for airflow.

An electric sensing edge, mounted on the bottom of the curtain is connected to the electric operator controls so that when the curtain contacts an obstuction the electric operator stops and reverses the door. The standard connection to the electric operator is via a coiled cord. Connection via automatic take-up reel is available at additional cost.

All materials and workmanship shall beguaranteed for a period of one year from installation date.

We can send shop drawings for any of products upon request.